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The physical and psychological benefits of massage are known since ancient times. The efficacy is due not only to manual skill but also to the kind of cosmetic product used. Oils and massage creams are formulated to make the professional treatment pleasant and functional while synergies enrich and enhance the effect of the massage.


Cleansing and treating the body is a major step in personal care. Scrub, mud and gel are ideal for all types of beauty treatments and complete the specific massage line products.


Our hands are our calling card, they talk about us, our activities and our personality. Compared to the rest of the body, they are more exposed to aggressions from external agents and show more clearly the age signs. ESTETICARE products are the professional and home-based solution for the treatment of hands, nails and feet.


Depilatory wax is one of the most commonly used methods for hair removal. The ingredients have a particular affinity to remove any wax residue remaining on the skin. Each product is characterized by selected active ingredients helping the skin balance, stressed out from depilation.


Pure 100% vegetable oils, obtained by solvent-free cold pressing of seeds or fruits rich in fatty acids. Vegetable oils, other than facilitating massage, enhance the vitality of the skin, and are known as dermal-compatible oils. They become true nourishing ingredients giving softness during the massage.

Essential oils have been selected to increase the efficacy of beauty treatment and the feeling of well-being, according to the principles of aromatherapy. We have selected only pure essential oils.


Face care is an essential step in beauty professional treatments. ESTETICARE includes all the ideal components: cleansing, make-up removing, mask and face cream. Formulations for cleansing and make-up removing are based on skin-friendly ingredients, helping preserve the hydrolipidic balance and prepare the skin for subsequent treatments. Masks and creams complete the beauty ritual.


To improve the efficacy of professional treatment it is important to follow a home beauty routine with specific and functional cosmetic products. Beauty At Home line meets this need with products formulated for every skin type.