As first, the cosmetic product must be functional, especially in the professional field, and must guarantee the best manual skills of the beauty expert. For this purpose, we base the selection of our raw materials on scientific evidence and their percentage of use is calculated to obtain the best performance.

We choose botanical extracts obtained through an ultrasound system to achieve the best benefits from officinal plants. In fact, extraction by ultrasound is an exclusively mechanical method that guarantees unquestionable advantages over traditional systems; the whole extraction process takes place at room temperature, thus avoiding the disintegration of the thermolabile active ingredients, such as vitamins or essential oils, and the caramelization of the sugary parts. During the process the ultrasounds are transformed into shock waves that spread in the containment tank through the formation of millions of microbubbles that grow to explode. This phenomenon, known as cavitation, allows the breakage of the cell membrane, the emptying of the active ingredients contained in it and the subsequent solubilization: in this way we obtain almost total extraction of all the active ingredients. The phytoextracts used are not simple mixtures, but compositions of plants appropriately selected to maximize the complex.

We care about sustainability of all the ingredients, both the active and the non-active, composing our cosmetic product. Within the ESTETICARE products there are organic botanical extracts. We eliminated acrylic polymers in favor of a starch-derived rheological modifier and we replaced silicone derivatives with dermo-compatible emollients having comparable characteristics, but from vegetable origin.

There are no parabens or formaldehyde releasers in our formulations. We removed paraffins, vaseline oil and petrolatum from massage products and facial treatments. We select biodegradable and PEG-free emulsifiers.

In products that may be in contact with the delicate eye area, to limit the risk of allergies, we choose not to add fragrances.

In respect of all living species we decide to use no animal-derived ingredients.

Our packaging products are made of recyclable materials and all paper cases derive from a certified responsible forest management (FSC).